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Now you have the opportunity to play this amazing instrument all with an authentic feel on iPad®. The cuatro is a traditional instrument from Venezuela, and is very versatile and expressive. Enjoy the high quality sound, and the amazing responsiveness which will let your imagination and creativity flow through your fingers, and fuel your inspiration.

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The notes of a highly prized Concert Cuatro were meticulously sampled in order to create this enhanced reality instrument. A number of different string muting sounds were also recorded, and when triggered, are automatically randomized in the sample used, and in dynamic range in order to allow playing of an infinite variety of rhythmic styles. The notes of each string, and each fret were recorded as they sound on the original instrument, no pitch-shifting or looping is employed. Images of the real textures of the concert Cuatro are part of the user interface of this instrument so you can further immerse yourself in the performance experience.


Cuatro Venezuela possesses a chord view which gives you instant feedback on what chord you’re playing. It will also display alternate chord names for particular chord positions. A complete chord dictionary, and easy look up panel lets you to instantly reference any chord, including chords such as dimished 7, dominant 7th with 9th, and add9 chords. A sharing feature lets you email a copy of a PDF document with a chart of all the chord positions in the instrument database, as well as letting other friends know about the app through email, Twitter, and Facebook.


Authentic strumming feel is achieved through a sophisticated multitouch system, whereby you can strum with any number of simultaneous touches. Cuatro Venezuela will reproduce note dynamics according to the velocity of the swiping gestures. The sound of each string is accurately triggered when a finger is moving over it, therefore allowing you to play melodies, and any manner of simultaneous notes by applying a short touch on the string, just like on a real Cuatro. The responsiveness of the plucking of strings is immediate, with absolutely no perceivable delay, permitting the performance of fast rhythms with no problem.


This instrument allows you to produce a bar on the fretboard by simply dragging along the fret; a technique which reduces stress on the fingers thus easing the playing of bar chords, improving chord change speed, and performance stamina. You can switch on and off an overlay guide of the notes produced on each fret, which is particularly useful when learning a melody. The fretboard technique remains essentially the same as on a real fretboard since the frets are exactly matched in size to the real Cuatro, which itself is quite comfortable to play given its rather small size. The placement of the fretboard along the edge of the screen enables you to play with the same fingers as you would on the real instrument.


Cuatro Venezuela possesses a Reverb feature, where you can choose among 13 different Reverb spaces. You can set the note send level to the Reverb engine independently from the mute note send level. The Reverb can be switched off for a dry sound, suitable if you wish to process the sound through other means.
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Cuatro Venezuela is available with proper versions of all elements in English, French, Spanish, Modern Greek, and Portuguese languages.